Mangrove National Park

Mangrove National Park

Mangrove National Park Abu Dhabi is a Beautiful Ecological Park
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About Mangrove National Park Abu Dhabi

Mangrove National Park Abu Dhabi is a beautiful ecological park that allows you to experience nature in its complete glory. This coastal mangrove forest consists of 75 percent of the total mangrove trees in Abu Dhabi and other biodiversity hotspots like mudflats, salt marshes, and algal communities. These forests are responsible for purifying the surrounding water, protecting the area against tidal surges, and providing a healthy habitat to the marine and wildlife creatures in the forest.

Mangrove National Park is home to around 60 bird species, including western reef heron and greater flamingos, along with several other aquatic inhabitants in the forest. The park also provides a sturdy ecosystem for the foraging foxes, turtles, and marine animals like dolphins and dugongs. One can observe deep and find some little baby birds hidden among the lush greenery.

If you want to experience these natural creatures closely, you can avail yourself for the kayak, paddle boarding, or boat ride in the forest. Even if you are a novice, kayaking is a fun activity to enjoy in the park. The eco-tour will allow you to understand the working ecosystem of the mangrove trees in-depth and learn about the biodiversity prevailing in the forest.


Why Visit Mangrove National Park

  • Mangrove National Park offers plenty of adventurous activities that establish a strong connection between you and nature.
  • The place houses around 60 bird species and marine animals, which showcases the biodiversity of the place.
  • You can spot the beautiful creatures while kayaking in the forest, including turtles, mottled crabs, flamingos, herons, and tropical fish.
  • If you are lucky enough, you will catch a glimpse of the dugongs and dolphins in the extensive areas of the park.
  • Nature photographers will find solace in the Mangrove National Park as they have numerous options for their camera subjects.
  • The park will allow you to immerse yourself in nature, maneuvering through the weaving channels on kayaks.
  • You can also enjoy the soothing sounds of nature on the donut boat ride.

Things to Do in Mangrove National Park Abu Dhabi

Spot the Beautiful Creatures while Kayaking

Kayaking in Mangrove National Park allows you to catch a glimpse of the indigenous animals in action. As you paddle to a short distance, you will come across a wide-winged heron sliding below the water surface to summon a delicious retreat. You will also find unique marine life creatures in the water of the park. Black crabs, dugongs, shrimps, sea snakes, egrets, cormorants, sandpipers, and bottlenose dolphins are some of the creatures spotted while kayaking in the Mangrove National Park Abu Dhabi. Apart from this, you will find dozens of bird species cawing and chirping away throughout the day, including pink flamingos. Therefore, you will find a plethora of biodiversity while kayaking in the Mangrove National Park.

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Enjoying around Mangroves through Eco Boat Ride/ Donut Boat Ride

Boating through the mangroves is one of the ideal ways to make the entire family learn the importance of nature on the health and welfare of humans. One should take the donut boat ride to spend some quality time with your family or friends amidst the relaxing sound of nature. These eco boats accommodate four adults and four children or six adults, with a tiny table in the middle to enjoy all your drinks and snacks. The ride will take you through the winding pathways and elucidate the exact working ecosystem of the mangroves. Thus, it is one of the best activities to do in the Mangrove National Park.

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Experience Paddle Boarding

Another adventurous activity to do in Mangrove National Park in Abu Dhabi is stand-up paddleboarding. This one-hour long adventure allows you to explore the eastern mangroves while paddling through the luscious green landscape away from the hustle and bustle of city life. While paddle boarding, you will also discover a varied mix of wildlife and marine life. You will get a chance to view the unique and spellbinding aquatic forest landscape bordered by the captivating mangrove forest.

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Things to Know Before You Go for Mangrove National Park

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Best Time to Visit
How to Reach
Location & Timing

The best time to visit Abu Dhabi Mangrove National Park is between April and July. During this time, the place experiences the summer season, and you can easily spot rare species of birds like greater flamingos and western reef herons. Moreover, if you are looking for the best time of the day to visit Mangrove National Park, the morning time is the best time to explore the park.

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Mangrove National Park FAQ's

How many bird species are found in Mangrove National Park Abu Dhabi?

More than 60 bird species are found in Mangrove National Park Abu Dhabi, which includes the western reef heron and greater flamingo. Apart from these birds, you will also spot foxes, fishes, turtles, crabs, and other marine animals in the park.

What is so special about Mangrove National Park?

Mangrove National Park is special because the indigenous trees in the park act as a protective layer against tidal surges. Moreover, they are also responsible for surrounding water and purifying the atmosphere effectively by removing carbon dioxide from the air. It is also home to 60 bird species and picturesque waterways.

Is Mangrove National Park a family-friendly place to enjoy?

Yes, Abu Dhabi Mangrove National Park is a family-friendly place to enjoy a range of activities. It offers a different side of the country that is located away from the stark desert and the busy city. If you wish to spend some quality time with your family, you can visit this place and explore the varied shades of the United Arab Emirates.

What are the different spots for kayaking in Abu Dhabi?

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