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About Dhow cruise Abu Dhabi

As you board a cruise from Abu Dhabi Marina, immerse yourself in the grace and beauty not only of the city but also of the wooden vessel. Marvel over the breathtaking sights of the twinkling skyline of the city of Gold and immerse in its glory while onboard the cruise. The Dhow is a traditional vessel used by merchants and traders to traverse over the waters of the Gulf. On climbing into the Abu dhabi Dhow cruise you will gulp down the beauty of the city and experience the soothing waters of the Arabian Sea. After enjoying a good hour on the upper open deck, take your seat on the lower deck to savour the luxurious buffet dinner on the traditional double decker wooden Dhow. The royal yacht would make the most grand entry possible for you on its red carpet and the romantic luxurious dhow dinner cruise would welcome you with non-alcoholic perfect beverages. As the graceful beauty of the city takes away all the attention, don't miss out appreciating the Corniche Creek around which your dhow would sail.


What to Expect on Abu Dhabi Dhow Cruise?

Abu Dhabi Dhow Cruise

There is a contrastingly peaceful side to the hustle of the city of Dubai which is yet to be explored with great Dhow Cruise Dubai. Book your seat in a Abu Dhabi Dhow Cruise to measure the vastness of the waters of the Arabian sea alongwith experiencing sailing. As you move farther from the Abu Dhabi Marina a wholesome view of the sparkling skyscrapers unfolds before your sight that will fill you with awe. The serenity of the Corniche Creek and the cool calm winds passing by you would certainly give some hours off the busy fast lives of cities. While your Sheikh Zayad Grand Mosque tour you will definitely left enchanted with its splendid beauty and makes you believe in the supremacy of UAE’s architectural marvels. On moving a bit further behold the sight of Emirates palace which surely would entrance you with its magical beauty spell.

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Why should you Book Abu Dhabi Dhow Cruise?

Dhow Cruise at Creek

On boarding the Abu Dhabi Dhow Cruise visitors would be welcomed in the magnificent ambience where activities like sightseeing, entertainment along with a grand dinner are arranged. Stepping in on the cruise, hold your glass of elegantly blended wine and stand by the railings to feel the cool of winds blowing on your face while gulping warmth of the wine. Let yourself feel like you are fleeting on a fairy tale site as the beauty of an all lit up Abu Dhabi Dhow Cruise can’t be compared with anything else. Appreciate the traditional dhows illuminated and furnished beautifully with Western and Arabic interiors, tranquillising the soul and quilting the heart with merriment. Sit on the semi covered air-conditioned deck after savouring the licious meal to breathe in the calmness of twinkling towering skyscrapers, serene shores, majestic waterfronts and well lit up landmarks. It would be a perfect cruise tour on the Corniche creek for solo travellers, couples, families and every sort of guest booking for the experience with us.

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Which Dhow Cruise Experience You Should Choose?

Dhow Cruise Dubai Creek Highlights
Romantic Dinner Cruise

Sit down for a luxurious and romantic evening at dhow cruise in Abu Dhabi whose services are aimed at providing an unworldly experience. Bring your loved one to sit against a transparent glass wall, play the music of your choice and enjoy the candle lit dinner with them. Sitting in the lower deck you would have the most unrealistic feel of floating over waters and sparkling skyscrapers towering over you. Don’t forget to spend the last minutes of your tour on the upper open deck enjoying your elegantly blended wine while standing against the railing. While on the deck, mineral water, soft drinks and canned juices would be served throughout your journey. Relax and soothe in the cool of the winds gusting by as the traditional wooden dhow catches up speed. The visitors would be spending approximately 2 hours along the Corniche Creek after the journey started at Marina Mall.

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Royal Dhow Cruise
Royal Luxury Yacht Cruise

Welcome yourself on an extravagant show cruise in Abu Dhabi which is all set to make your trip to Dubai more memorable with its unrivalled hospitality. Take a grand red carpet welcome and enjoy the fresh dates with the special Arabic coffee served on arrival. As you board the cruise with friends or family in the evening hours, sit down on the deck to enjoy a sunset with a cool breeze in a golden lit dhow. While your gaze is stuck on the twinking skyscrapers, professional cooks prepare for a diverse meal with offerings that of continental and oriental eateries. If you have a preferred meal planned to make your day special, convey your dish to the staff and they will serve you a special platter. Savour your meal in the cool windy night hours, picturing the beauty of the skyscrapers and a soothing hum playing in the background.

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Know Before You Go Dhow Cruise Abu Dhabi

Location & How to Reach

  • The facility of pick up from your hotel or residence is made available to all the guests.
  • The sail would last for 2 hour.
  • Guests are welcomed with non-Alcoholic beverages, fresh dates and Arabic Coffee on a red carpet.
  • An extravagant dining table awaits its guests with an exotic menu of international cuisines.
  • The Abu Dhabi Dhow Cruise is fully furnished and has a central AC cooling system.
  • Enjoy unlimited soft drinks, water, tea and coffee throughout the duration of your stay at the cruise.
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FAQ's of Dhow Cruise Abu Dhabi

Why is Abu Dhabi Dhow Cruise so famous ?

The visitors are welcomed on a very luxurious cruise serving unparalleled hospitality with its world class facilities and international menu. The soothing experience that one gets to enjoy on travelling at the cruise is the most worthwhile experience visitors would enjoy on their Abu Dhabi tour. The Abu Dhabi Dhow Cruise is particularly famous for sailing around the magnificent location of Corniche creek.

What is the duration of the Abu Dhabi Dhow Cruise?

The show cruise in Abu Dhabi hosts its guests for a 2 hour duration during which they are treated with an international buffet dinner, the famous Tanura dance show, and several other entertainment activities on the floating water paradise.

Where is the dhow cruise boarding location?

Majority of the dhow cruises start their sail from Baniyas Road at Dubai Creek. However, all the guests must take note that the location of departure is subjected to variation. They will be informed about the final details on confirmation of reservation of tickets. The services of the Abu Dhabi Dhow Cruise starts the moment visitors are picked off their hotel or residences in Abu Dhabi and taken to the site from where Dhow Cruise departs.

What should I wear on dhow cruise Abu dhabi?

Guests are requested to wear modest, casual clothing on their trip to cruise. Men and women are suggested to not wear shorts or anything sleeveless. Also slippers are not allowed on the cruise.

What is the best time to visit Dhow Cruise Abu Dhabi ?

It is highly suggested to book your show cruise in Abu Dhabi in the evening hours. You would be relaxed in the open deck feeling enchanted at the red crimsoned horizon left after the sunset hour. If you are visiting the Dhow cruise in the month of Ramdan then according to government guidelines alcohol will not be served.

What are tips to keep in mind when going for Dhow Cruise Abu Dhabi ?

  • All the guests boarding the cruise are requested to maintain decorum of the cruise. They should also avoid overlooking from the deck
  • Guests are requested to report at the venue at least 30 minutes before the commencement of their trip.
  • Parents are required to keep a vigil over their kids.

What do I need to bring while going for Dhow cruise Abu Dhabi?

All the UAE residents are requested to carry their original identification card( Passport, Driver’s licence or Emirates ID). While the foregein tourists are requested to carry a copy or your original passport.

Why take an Abu Dhabi dinner cruise?

All the visitors wishing to explore the hospitality of the city of Abu Dhabi, you are welcomed on the Abu Dhabi Dhow Cruise. Here, you are invited to explore the beauty of the city from a refreshing angle and on the grandeur of the dining table. As visitors enjoy their life hours in the serene sea, sitting on the upper open deck enjoying the cool breeze, the delicately prepared international menu awaits them in the lower deck. After finishing your meal course, take a glass of elegantly blended wine and stand by the railings to fix your gaze at the entrancing magical beauty of the towering buildings all lit up at night. During their 2-hour long stay on the cruise visitors would be taken around the Corniche creek on Eastern waters, with a perfect sailing on a starry journey of the Abu Dhabi dinner cruise would be concluded.

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