About CLYMB Abu Dhabi

The Abu Dhabi Clymb is the ultimate adventure hub in the world that offers a thrilling indoor climbing and skydiving experience to visitors. It is an ideal destination for adventure enthusiasts that allows them to climb and fly in the air simultaneously.

The indoor climbing at Clymb gives you an opportunity to unleash your inner strength to climb at a record-breaking height of 138 feet. You can select from among the five climbing walls according to your expertise and difficulty levels. All you need to do is receive safety briefings from the experts and start the adventurous challenge at 13 different routes.

On the other hand, the indoor skydiving at Clymb Abu Dhabi allows adventure enthusiasts to skydive from the tallest and widest flight chamber in the world. This Flight Chamber is the tallest structure standing at a height of 104 feet and a width of 32 feet, providing an exciting skydiving experience like none other. You will feel on top of the world as 16 powerful fans are used to keep you at height, making your experience even more exhilarating.

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The Clymb Abu Dhabi tickets include taking part in indoor climbing and indoor skydiving activities. No matter whether you are a beginner or an expert, you can indulge in these activities according to your own expertise. This place allows you to enjoy all the activities that will give you an adrenaline-rushing feeling after completing the adventure.

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First Time Flyer - 2 Flights

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Things to Do at CLYMB Abu Dhabi

clymb indoor rock climbing
Experience Extreme Indoor Climbing at The Summit

The Clymb Abu Dhabi ticket allows visitors to experience extreme indoor climbing at the Summit. You can choose among the five unique climbing experiences, including the tallest climbing wall in the region standing at a height of around 138 feet. In this indoor climbing adventure, you will find 13 routes in total that lets you burn an average of 500 to 900 calories per hour. No matter whether you are a beginner or a professional, this indoor climbing activity serves the interest of all the groups. You can avail yourself of any of the Climb Abu Dhabi offers that provide beginner packages with coaches for testing if you are a beginner, while professional mountaineers can challenge themselves at every step.

clymb rock climbing
Enjoy Scaling Over The Different Walls

The Clymb in Abu Dhabi gives you an opportunity to climb 5 walls ranging in different heights. The pro climber starts climbing at a distance of 187 feet from the wall. If you are a beginner, you can select the climbing wall that stands at a height of 9.8 feet. After reaching this height, you can experience more thrill by climbing the intermediate-level wall at a height of 18 feet. The advanced feet of the climbing wall are over 33 feet from the intermediate level, which is perfect for advanced climbers. The highest wall at 138 feet of height gives you an amazing thrilling experience as you would feel on top of the world after reaching high. It is a magnificent thing to enjoy scaling over the different walls for indoor climbing lovers.

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Feel the Rush while Indoor Skydiving

The indoor skydiving chamber of the Clymb in Abu Dhabi offers a remarkable experience of skydiving in the world’s biggest indoor skydiving flight chamber, named The Flight Chamber, which has an unparalleled width of 32 feet. The skilled professionals at the attraction will guide you throughout your skydiving journey and teach you different flying positions and skills for an adrenaline-rush feeling while skydiving from a height of 104 feet. You will also find 16 high-end fans, which is what helps you to feel the rush of this indoor skydiving experience.

Know Before You Go for CLYMB ABU Dubai

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CLYMB Abu Dhabi

How to Reach:

By Car- There are two routes to reach Clymb Abu Dhabi by car namely, through Al Raha Beach Highway (E10 Highway) and Sheikh Khalifa Bin Zayed Highway (E12 Highway). The second route is the shortest way to reach your final destination.

By Bus- Buses are also well-connected to different parts of Abu Dhabi. You need to take the 190 Bus Route to reach Yas Island and then stroll further to reach Clymb Abu Dhabi.

Location and Timings:The Clymb Abu Dhabi is located at Yas Dr. Street, Yas Island, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates.

The operational timings of Clymb in Abu Dhabi is between 1 pm to 9 pm from Wednesday to Friday and 12 pm to 9 pm on Saturday and Sunday.

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